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Time: 4:30 pm
Feb. 10, 2010

Place: JEB 121

Anthony Kanago, Chief Technology Officer at Flixn, Inc., gives a special presentation on web development.


In the last 15 years, the web has gone through some dramatic changes, and in the last 5, has faced rapid growth. Many companies, often startups, are faced with the challenge of developing sites with large feature sets in a limited amount of time, while others like Facebook face the challenge of handling millions of visitors per hour every hour of the day. In this lecture, I will contrast the previous-generation of web technology and its modern counterpart and discuss the direction in which modern web development is heading. Traditional architectures involving a single web server and database are being crushed under the weight of modern browsing trends, and new architectures are needed to handle the increased stress. I will give an overview of how small companies, large companies, and my own company, Flixn, Inc., handle these different situations, balancing development time, reliability, security, cost, and performance.

Past Meetings

Time: 7:00 pm Sept. 30, 2009

Place: JEB 328

ACM Activities Announcements

At this meeting we will be introducing and discussing some exciting activities for members to get involved in. We will be introducing a new bi-weekly programming competition that we are organizing locally, as well as some upcoming programming competitions with other schools.

We'll also discuss some ideas for a UI ACM autonomous robotics project, and UI ACM hardware lab to facilitate this and other projects. The floor will be open to anyone who has an interesting idea for a project or activity. We hope to allow everyone the opportunity to get involved in a project or activity that they find interesting and exciting.

Time: 7:00 pm Sept. 16, 2009

Place: JEB 328

UI ACM Business

Several positions were elected from within the ranks of the UI ACM:

Lee VanGundy
Student representative to the review committee for Dr. Jeffery
Alex Odom
Student representative to Computer Science Department hardware/software committee
Heather Tallman
UI ACM Secretary

Presentation: An Introduction to Microcontroller Programming for the Hobbyist

Microcontrollers open up a whole world of project potential—from a blinking LED to autonomous robots, cylon lights, and reader boards. This presentation will discuss microcontroller programming from a down-to-earth, hobbyist angle. We'll cover everything you need to get started with hobby microcontroller projects, show off some projects you can try on your own, and present resources for further exploration. The intent is to provide the least intimidating introduction to this topic so that you can go out and get started with microcontrollers yourself!

Time: 7:00 pm Sept. 2, 2009

Place: JEB 328

First meeting of the year. Discussed what the UI ACM has done in the past, what we plan to do this year, and how to join.

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